Another year of healing . . .

A recent email in my INBOX alerted me that I needed to moderate my blog and when I took a look at the site I noticed that it has been almost exactly 12 months since I last posted something here.

My goodness – a whole year without sharing my thoughts online. Even though my blog has seemingly “stood still” my life and ongoing personal evolution has not.

I continue to seek out the individuals and experiences that move me forward. I will always need my “alone time” to recharge my myself, but enjoy spending time with people who like me are seeking a healthier way of existence through enhanced knowledge of their personal truth.

I continue to feel better and better – emotionally, physically and spiritually via all these experiences. Occasionally I am surprised at how much change I can experience in a short time frame – yet another week may bring much frustration and anger due to my feeling stuck.

I was reminded recently of how our core physical health and internal comfort is very important to our overall health. Within a relatively short time period, I had three different healers concentrate on working on my upper back region where I carry a lot of muscle stiffness. The techniques used were different, yet all brought relief.

One healer, a gifted masseuse worked on me for a couple hours, but seemed to be concentrating on a small area of my back. The next day when I awoke I noticed a significant improvement in my breathing – just taking a breath was much less effort than the day before. Wow! What an empowering experience!

The second healer (I believe) had more of a Reiki healing background. However, when I got on his massage table he said something like “I feel that the best thing I can do for you is massage your upper back to help you relax”. He anointed my back with several essential oils and massaged my upper back and shoulders. The fragrance of the oils was a treat for my nose and seemed to assist in bringing relaxation to my body that evening.

The third healing practitioner who brought about a similar experience of ease was a Doctor of Chiropractic. After examining my body and musculature she also concentrated on areas of my back that were less flexible than they would be normally. Over the period of a week she adjusted me several times with the most remarkable experience occurring just last week: The morning after an adjustment I could once again feel my lungs fill up with breath much more easily than usual. What a magical feeling for someone who carried a lot of muscle tension for years and years!

I look forward to experiencing even more healing and increased easeful-ness so that I require less effort to accomplish my goals and feel more comfortable living in my skin.

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Speaking your truth.

Recently I have noticed a phenomenon that I feel is quite enlightening regarding the true self (sometimes referred to as the higher self) and speaking one’s truth. For many years I would listen to the opinions of others or read commentary written by highly educated or important individuals. Like others around me, I would take in their words and extract the wisdom that I thought might be contained within.

However, when I found myself in a position to share this wisdom (or opinion) it often seemed difficult to find the proper words or phrasing that would be meaningful or persuasive to my audience. I realize now that my insecurity and weak sense of self I was experiencing was getting in the way of my truth.

A couple of years ago I found myself drawn to a modest sized wellness and life expo event, looking over a vendor’s display of stones specimens and crystal based jewelery. I was attracted to a medallion comprised of a blue-ish green stone in the shape of a Chinese prosperity coin on a heavy green cotton cord. I spoke with the saleswoman about the stone before I decided to buy it. She said the stone was Labradorite – sometimes called the Truth Stone. She warned me in a slightly kidding but serious tone, “Don’t buy that necklace unless you are comfortable with knowing your truth!” Apparently one of the woman’s daughters had owned a piece of Labradorite in the past and when the girl placed the stone near her bed at night she experienced vivid dreams. Her experience was powerful enough that the girl eventually chose to get rid of the Labradorite (if I am remembering the story correctly).

Well, I went ahead and purchased the medallion for myself partly because I was attracted to the shape of the Labradorite and partly the way it was semi-translucent and shimmered in certain lighting conditions. I wear it semi-regularly and have grown accustomed to its weight beneath my shirt as I go about my day.

And as I have worked on strengthening and deepening my sense of self – as I have gone within to seek out my true self, it feels as if the necklace has made it easier for me to speak my truth. And to be more comfortable with my opinions, thoughts and wisdom from within. Or is it merely coincidence that other influences and intentions have brought this true voice out of the depths of my being?

I think you know what I believe. <smile>

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Darkness is always overcome by the smallest light.

I was reading a blog/article recently written by a woman who has spent many years searching for truth. She was agonizing at one point whether it is humanly possible to reach the bottom of “all this” referring to the immense web of information and disinformation that is directed at each of us individually and collectively non-stop via radio waves, television signals and broadband Internet connections. (I recognized that she was not in complete despair, because one subsection of her blog was on discernment.)

While reading this blog entry I was reminded of a concept taught to me several years ago by an enlightened teacher. He said, “Darkness is always overcome by the smallest light.”

Think about this for a moment.

Imagine the darkest closet in the darkest room in the basement of a house without windows. And now imagine you are standing in this closet with a small flashlight or butane cigarette lighter. Without any illumination in that confined space your eyes and mind perceive only absence of light. (Darkness is a very potent symbol for the unknown or evil in our lives.) Now switch on your battery or butane powered torch and see how this small light overcomes the darkness with ease.

Next, imagine yourself in the largest cave found by man. It is a great cavern equaling the volume of a Gothic cathedral located hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface. In your hand is the same small man-made torch. Turn it on and watch the darkness disappear around you in an almost magical fashion. Turn the energy source off and the darkness returns momentarily, but with a flick of your finger the light returns to overcome the dark.

It is like magic that you control.

Each of us has the power to be the light; to contribute to the larger illumination which overcomes the darkness of our inner and outer worlds. Every one of us is able to banish darkness from our planet. This requires some focus and desire, and surely some determination. But I know that this power source is available and ready to be tapped for the benefit of all.

Oh, and if you don’t understand the parallel with your life may I remind you of the statement attributed to Yeshua, the Nazarene in the Biblical text of Matthew 5, verse 14: “Ye are the light of the world.”

Now, seek out your own enlightenment and become the light.


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Discernment and saying “no, thank you”.

I was reminded by recent experiences how important it is to develop your personal discernment and be comfortable in saying “no, thank you” whether to an opportunity or to an individual. In my earlier life I would spend much too much time agonizing over decisions before saying yes or no. And then I would second guess my decisions prolonging my agony and spending too much inner voice time living in the (near) past.

Once upon a time when I was a fresh faced radio announcer I thought I wanted to say “yes” to an opportunity to be the Master of Ceremonies for a local event. I was flattered when they first asked me, but I dragged my feet – mostly out of fear and didn’t contact the event organizer for such a long time that they assumed I had no interest. When I finally phoned them back I discovered they had found someone else to be the MC. It was a disappointing experience for me in several ways.

Today I chose to say “no, thank you” to an opportunity that would have been comfortable to step into and I would have been grateful for the work. Yet I felt confident and happy with my actions today (and my prompt decision). And as if to confirm that the Universe was listening an email with a new potential opportunity arrived in my email INBOX within an hour or two of me saying “no, thank you”.

Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me the power of discernment and reminding me that today is only today – and that the next day, the next hour (or even the next minute) can bring me new ideas, new opportunities and new people into my life. Thank you for working with me and through me to create a fuller, happier life – and thereby enhancing the lives of others as well. I am so grateful for this knowing.

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With ongoing gratitude . . .

For more than a couple years now I have been blessed by experiences and encounters with individuals which have led me to a greater knowing – about my past, my present and my future potential. Some of the details would be more than enough fodder for a best-selling novel or a major motion picture, but these experiences aren’t necessarily for public consumption – at least for now. But they are definitely a part of the intimate fabric of my life experience.

I was describing to a friend a recent week of what I thought were extraordinary experiences and I was suddenly struck by what I had attracted to myself through prayer, intention and manifestation. In that week I met more than a few interesting people (and at least one of them may turn out to be a strong positive influence on my life). I also experienced some incredible physical and emotional sensations related to events I was participating in. And I became aware of a subtle shift in my core being towards where I am going in the future.

I also realized that if another person had experienced the same coincidences, chance meetings and physical sensations it wouldn’t have necessarily had the same impact on their life. I am the one who attracted the people, opportunities and experiences that were necessary for me to have. I am an active participant in my life story.

Thank you, God, for this wonderful gift.

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At times words cannot express . . .

At times I will have an incredible experience – whether in the dream state or during meditation or even while interacting with other beings in the physical realm. The experience will strike me as being so perfect, so precise or so amazing that to put the experience into words would be futile or ultimately frustrating to this would-be writer.

So I contemplate these coincidences or mini-miracles in my mind . . . and smile to myself. And thank God that I have enjoyed these experiences first-hand.

And I know instinctively that others are having similar amazing experiences – every day.

God bless you all. <smile>

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Access to knowledge of your true self.

I’ve been supplementing my television viewing with some DVDs from the local library. One of my current favorite shows to watch are the British television series called “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” (originally aired on PBS Television here in the USA). I feel a deep affinity to the two main characters, perhaps in part due to my two years spent living in London, England when I was a youngster.

I have been trying to request the episodes in roughly the order they were first broadcast, so that I could follow the ongoing interpersonal stories involving Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers, and their families. Recently I got notice from the library that several titles were awaiting me including the episodes entitled “Cry For Justice” and “In The Presence of the Enemy”.

I was surprised when both episodes involved children who did not have full knowledge of their birth parents, plus the topic of adoption. Since my personal story involves being given up for adoption shortly after birth I had a stronger than usual interest in these episodes. I was especially interested in seeing how the subjects of adoption and adoptees was handled by the writers.

Perhaps the most disturbing scene to watch was the leap in logic I witnessed when the main character DI Lynley speculated why a troubled teenage boy might have killed the woman found dead in her home at the beginning of the episode. Lynley and Havers have just figured out that the boy was the dead woman’s son, but had been adopted at birth by another family. Lynley speculates the boy may have had a strong interest in finding where he had come from and when he found his birth mother he could become enraged enough to kill her on the spot.

Well, we all know in the world of television drama that anyone is capable of murder, the butler included, but it really bothered me that this experienced police detective (and fictional character) would think that the first meeting between a child and its birth mother could be so destructive that it could lead to the death of one of them. It turns out the teenage boy did not kill his birth mother, but the plot eventually expands to include an illegal baby selling ring fronted by the dead woman.

The other episode involved a woman politician’s daughter being kidnapped by a troubled man who turns out to be the first born child (out of wedlock) of the man who also fathered the kidnapped girl (raised by her single mother without knowledge of her true father’s identity). Yes, it was a bit complicated but the underlying plot involved a young man who held a great anger towards the upper class private school boy who impregnated his mother (a working class  teenage girl) and later became a successful newspaper mogul. The vitriolic young man plots against his birth father to make the father acknowledge himself and his mother, but accidentally kills the kidnapped girl (who would be his half sister) and kidnaps a second child before he is eventually caught by Havers and Lynley.

This episode was interesting to watch, but disturbing to see the dark side of this young man whose father had casual sex with his mother and then never acknowledged the baby boy was his son. The grown up abandoned son is a master of deception – fooling his mother, his girlfriend, and Sergeant Havers into believing he is a moral, honest person (and a police constable at that!). It isn’t until late in the episode that we the viewers are shown the clues that point to the troubled young man as the main suspect.

First of all, I was intrigued that the Universe had arranged to have me see these two episodes in tandem. These two dramatic stories were a reminder of my own life experience – being given up by my mother at birth and eventually seeking out the truth about where I came from and how it related to my sense of self. Not that I carry enough emotions within me to kidnap someone to get the attention of my father, but I did feel I could relate to the troubled man who just wanted acknowledgement of his existence by his father.

I think that both these dramas exemplify people removed from full knowledge of their true selves – leading to internal and external conflicts (especially in the case of the troubled police constable who kidnapped his half sister). It is this concept that I chose to write about here tonight and will continue in a future post.

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An important anniversary.

In a few hours, the Monday in May designated “Memorial Day” begins here and with it an important anniversary in my life.

As mentioned in my mini-bio, I was given up by my Mother at birth to be adopted and raised by another family. Over the years I thought about this woman (and the man who was my genetic father) and the background story on how I came into being. It was a little over two years ago that I found myself sending an application to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to request a copy of my original birth certificate. (This was made possible only by passage of a law in late 2007.)

After receiving a certified copy of my original certificate I was able to track down my birth mother through resources on the Internet. Through God’s grace, I was able to find local resources for adoptees like myself around that same time, so I could be guided in writing the original communication that would introduce myself to the woman who birthed me.

In a polished Hollywood movie script I would have sent the message so that she received it on Mother’s Day and she would have called me immediately with tears of joy. In real life it turned out a little differently. Instead of Mother’s Day it was a few days before Memorial Day, 2009 that I found myself with a fairly reliable link to my Mother’s email address, so I set about writing the introduction message that would open a new door in my life.

So almost exactly two years ago I sent that carefully written message to the woman who I was 99.99% sure was the one who brought me onto this earth. And it was only a day or less later when I received the first reply that confirmed this was my birth Mother.

Memorial Day was originally created to honor those who gave their lives during wartime for the benefit of others. But in my life it now signifies something more for me. It’s an anniversary of a reunion between myself and my original Mother.

Happy second anniversary!

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A path less traveled . . .

This website has been a long time coming to fruition. Thank you for your patience. <grin> And congratulations on finding your way here in the first place. Your perseverance is to be admired.

I have put off going live with a full blown website or even a simpler blog site since I reserved this domain name several years ago. I came up with the concept of “the voice from God” back then while discussing voice-over actors with a friend. Voice-overs are the spoken words of unseen actors in films, cartoons, educational presentations and advertisements. When I think of well known voice over talents I think of the voices we often hear in movie trailers. A few of the most famous voice-over actors are said to have “the voice of God” because of the tone and authority of their words. (see: Wikipedia entry) During this particular discussion with my friend, I flashed on the idea that my voice may not be quite that authoritative, but I knew for sure that it came from God, the creator of all that is good. And so I decided to select the domain of “the voice from God” dot com.

I have more than a couple ideas for utilizing this domain – the least of which may be this humble blog. I have an inkling that it could turn into something much much bigger and be truly amazing. So, thank you for stopping in to listen to this one voice – coming to you direct from God.

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